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Contributing to Eye Health

Westernised diet and the arrival of tablets and smart phones have changed our eye health quite dramatically, resulting in an increased number of the population with eye problems. I for one had been seeing an ophthalmologist for a long time, since my childhood in fact, becoming acutely aware of the importance of simply being able to see things which we often take for granted. I engage in my daily task feeling proud knowing that our products are contributing to people’s eye health which is a key component in their happiness and wellbeing.

Being Professionals in Manufacturing

How do you outstand to be selected by customers in this day and age of material abundance, globalization of people, of products and of information? Naturally, your products would have to be different in terms of function and design, but more importantly, I believe in earning the trust of our customers; making safe and reliable products; providing customers with service that surpasses their expectations. By continuously and consistently delivering these simple basics, Takagi Seiko Co., Ltd. endeavours to be an organization trusted by customers as professionals in manufacturing.

It’s All About the People

Products a company makes and services it provides reflect the actions and attitudes of each one of its employees. If it wasn’t for improvement in the quality of actions taken by each one of the individuals in the company, quality of the products or service of the company could not improve. Even in a world with advancing automation and mechanization, it is the people that ultimately influence the quality. Dare I say, it’s all about the people. We make a strong effort in nurturing personnel who can deliver products and service of the highest quality by being aware that every one of us is very much involved and a part of it.

  Takagi Seiko Co., Ltd.