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TAKAGI lives up to the World's Expectations at Shinshu-Nakano.
Here, at Shinshu-Nakano in Northern Nagano area of Japan, we sell our products to the world and fulfill our community responsibility.

Technical Design and Development
The technical section is sensitive to the trend of the world and develops new models by using 3D CAD System to respond to market needs.
Parts Manufacturing
Most of the parts for our products have been manufactured in our factory. It advantages to reduce costs and use high quality parts cleared the quality standard.
Parts Assembling
Only parts which are up to the strict quality standard can take to the assembing process.
Takagi craftsmanship enables to assemble thousands of parts precisely.
Quality Inspection
We have the quality inspection on each product after making every effort to complete our products.
Only products which are conformed to the high quality standard can be delivered to you.