Serving Your Vision

For more than half a century, TAKAGI has contributed to the development of ophthalmology as a pioneer of products that emphasizes ease of use, high safety, and functional design.
We continue to challenge the innovation of ophthalmology.

1976: MT-303-VSM

Developed MT-303-VSM, the world’s first slit lamp equipped with a vertical movement ring that can be operated with one hand

1978: MT-339

Released  MT-339, the world’s first radio-controlled vision chart

1983: SM-3VZ

Released SM-3VZ, the world’s first Goldmann-type Galileo variable magnification slit lamp

1986: SM-50F

Released SM-50F, the world’s first electric zoom photo slit lamp

1995: S10-17

Released S10-17, the world’s first combination adapter with built-in yellow filter and beam splitter

2014: 700GL

Released 700GL, the world’s first LED slit lamp with hidden cables

2019: OM-19

Released OM-19, the world’s first operating microscope with independent light intensity adjustment for coaxial and red-reflex illumination*
*According to our research