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AT-2 Applanation Tonometer

Z-type applanation tonometer exclusively for use with 2ZL/4ZL

Based on Goldmann applanation tonometry and designed for use with TAKAGI slit lamps, the AT-2 (Z-type) provide rapid, safe, and accurate intraocular pressure (IOP) measurement required for the diagnosis of such conditions as glaucoma, ocular hypertension, and retinal detachment.

AT-2 conform to international standard ISO 8612:2009, which sets out requirements concerning accuracy and reliability of the measurements of applanation tonometers.


  • Calibrator(check weight/check weight holder) is included for inspection to ensure appropriate pressurisation.
  • TB2 Tonometer Base (option) is required to install AT-2 to 4ZL and 2ZL slit lamp.
  • S12-18 Measuring Prism (included as standard)



AT-2 is finished in the same colour as the slit lamp to give a sense of uniformity when installed. Optional tonometer base TB2 is required for installation.

Smart integrated structure reduces risk of infection
Measuring Prism S12-18 features an integrated structure that reduces infection risk. Its environmentally conscious design is ideal for re-use, and enables highly accurate and safe intraocular pressure measurement. Methacrylic resin, one of the hardest and most highly transparent optical-use plastic materials, is used to realise brightness and clarity of observation and to maximise product life.

Major Specifications

Attachable slit lamp models 2ZL, 4ZL
Mounting tonometer base TB2
Measurement range 0~80 mmHg
Minimum scale value 2 mmHg
Measurement method Goldmann method (Goldmann Applanation Tonometry)
Measurement deviation Nominal value ±1.5% or ±0.49 mN, whichever greater
Reverse span (Hysteresis) ≦0.29 mN
Diameter of applanation field 3.06 mm
Depression area 7.354 mm2
Equation for conversion from mmHg to kPa 1 mmHg = 101325 / 760 Pa 133.3 Pa 100 Pa = 0.1 kPa
Dimensions 207.6 mm (W) x 84.3 mm (D) x 200.6 mm(H)
Weight 0.83 kg

Optional Components