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Slit Lamp Microscopes

Crystal clear, high-definition observation utilising the best optical design

The 700GL Slit Lamp is a premium optical system that optimises balance with the LED light source to realise crystal clear observation from the anterior eye segment to the fundus . It provides a sharp and clear slit illumination with minimal light and colour irregularities. Combining the very best in optical design and ergonomics has enabled the realisation of a slit lamp that is both easy to use and has a graceful appearance, with a built-in cable (patented technology). Special specifications catering to a broad variety of needs are also available, including those installed with NSW (Narrow angle Stereo Wide viewer) and LPH (Large Patient Headrest).

Differences between 700GL and 700GL NSW
With a stereo angle set at 10°, the 700GL is a slit lamp that makes it comparatively easier to examine the fundus. On the 700GL NSW, when the NSW function is turned on the stereo angle becomes 4.1°, providing a 3D field of view approximately 133% wider than the 700GL, enabling detailed observation of the fundus. This slit lamp is ideally suited for use as a device for fundus examination in special outpatient clinics where fundus observations are frequently performed, or where a fundus camera is not available.

700GL NSW is a factory option specification. Please note that the standard 700GL cannot be modified/converted to 700GL NSW after purchase.

Key Features

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NSW functions

Innovative design with a built-in cable

Functional beauty unique to TAKAGI

High-eyepoint eyepieces

Imaging and informed consent

Uniform LED light source provides bright and sharp illumination

Suitable for use as a device for fundus examination in special outpatient clinics



System Chart and Accessories

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