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Ophthalmic Furniture
CR-750/CR-750S Motorised Patient Chair

Three Seat Colors Available

Choose your preferred color from the following: blue, pink, or green.


Large Elevation Stroke for All Patient Heights

Minimum chair height is now approximately 30mm lower than that of the previous model, accommodating all patient heights sufficiently with a large 150mm elevation stroke.


Up / Down Switch Equipped as Standard

New CR-750 / CR-750S chairs can be raised and lowered with the Up / Down switches located on the lower back of the chair, allowing medical assistants to quickly and conveniently adjust the chair height.


CR-750S: for integrated use, requiring no foot pedal

By connecting to the Ophthalmic Workstation, Smart Table, or Electric Instrument Table, the chair elevation can be controlled by the buttons on the instrument table. More comfortable legroom is achieved as there is no need to place a foot pedal on the floor.

*Please contact our Sales Department with the serial number of the product to be attached.


Slide Mechanism (factory option)

By fitting a slide mechanism, the chair can slide forwards up to 60mm while the patient remains seated, allowing the patient to be situated closer to the instrument for examination if required, without moving the entire chair.

*Factory option only, not sold separately.


Round Seat (user option)

Square seats are supplied as standard, a round seat can be supplied as an option. Seats are easily installed with screws at four locations.