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Ophthalmic Furniture
ST-50 Smart Table

The Quintessential Slit Lamp Table

Considering the safest and most ideal conditions for using a slit lamp, it is best if the slit lamp is floating in the air and free of interference from the table. In order to get as close as possible to that state, we have developed a slide mechanism that does not attach to the table. As a result, the tabletop of this ultimate smart table is so thin that it feels like there is nothing between the patient and the user other than the slit lamp.

The slit lamp on the table easily moves up and down for best positioning and retracts neatly when not in use, providing complete safety and optimal inspection time.


Large leg space under table

All mechanical parts on the underside of the slide table are concealed to create a large leg space under table. It is designed to accommodate all patients regardless of their size and provide enough space for a wheelchair.

Slide Safety Switch

Auto-slide and manual-slide can be selected.
During auto-sliding, sliding motion stops when the safety switch on the table top is pressed, or when the safety switch touches an object or person.

Elevation Safety Switch

The plate section which covers the complete under side of the table works as a touch sensitive elevation safety switch, enhancing safety remarkably. When something touches the plate such as patient’s legs, the buzzer beeps and the switch panel turns red to alert the operator.


The slit lamp power cable, camera cable can be stored inside the table through the cable access hole in the tabletop, minimising their exposure to the outside.
Equipped with a rack to hold a TV camera control unit for slit lamp and a power outlet to supply power to the unit.