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Ophthalmic Furniture
ST-26T/ST-26H Electric Instrument Table

Stylish and versatile medical grade electric instrument table, considering extreme safety with quiet operation for the most demanding of medical environments.


Wheelchair Friendly

The large underfoot space of ST-26 allows a patient in a wheelchair to be examined quickly and comfortably. ST-26T with a T-shaped base has its column at the side of the table.

ST- 26H with a H-shaped base has its column at the center of the table.

* Wheelchairs with a front wheel outer width of 550mm or less are adaptable.
* It is recommended to fold up the footsteps of the wheelchair during examination.

Careful Consideration of Cable Positioning

Access hole is strategically placed on the table top to allow a power cable through, and three auxiliary power outlets under the table top to power a full range of products without any need to run extra cables to a standard mains power supply.

The mains power cable for ST-26H extends from the side of the base eliminating interference with patient’s feet.

Heavy Load Capability

With a load capacity of 80 kg, the ST-26H is well designed to withstand heavy equipment such as MT-325UD projection perimeter.


Large Elevation Stroke for All Patient Heights

Minimum height of the table is now approximately 100 mm lower than that of the previous model meaning small children can be easily examined. Without changing maximum height from the previous models, both ST-26T and ST-26H have a 300 mm elevation stroke to accommodate small to large patients sufficiently.

Space Saving Design

While the size of the table top for ST-26T remains the same as our previous model, the design change of the elevation unit achieved an overall width reduction of 14%, enabling ST-26T to be used efficiently in a limited space.


Various Kinds of Table Tops

Various shapes of table tops for ST-26H are available to choose according to user requirements and applications.

* The optional 600mm x 400mm table top is recommended.
* Table top for our MT-325UD Perimeter is included as standard with MT-325UD.
* Please contact our sales department for full details on available table tops.

Major Specifications