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S06-71 Breath Shield

The enlarged TAKAGI breath shield designed to enhance the infection control when using slit lamps.

Breath shields have been used as a physical barrier between the ophthalmologist and the patients. During the Covid-19 outbreak, TAKAGI has developed a new bigger breath shield S06-71 that provides a larger covering area than the standard size breath shield, aiming for the reduction of droplet transmission and respiratory infections.

Attachable models: 700GL, 700GL NSW, 30GL, 4ZL, 2ZL, 300XL



Fit very tight around the TAKAGI Slit Lamps

Fits very tight around the TAKAGI Slit Lamps, minimising the space for breath going through to the other side.

The diameter of S06-71 mounting port: φ70

The diameter of the eyepiece tube connection part of TAKAGI Slit Lamps :φ69

Easy to attach

Can be fitted in seconds.

Soft and flexible material

It does not get in the way when using the attached slit lamp.


Material RoHS2-compliant polyvinyl chloride
Size 290 x 220 mm
Weight 150g
Attachable  Models 700GL, 700GL NSW, 30GL, 4ZL, 2ZL, 300XL