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Operating Microscopes

Ultimate high-performance operating microscope ideal for cataract surgery

The OM-19 is a high-performance operating microscope designed to meet the quality conditions required for cataract surgery and to cover all other necessary functions. TAKAGI has successfully developed the world’s first operating microscope on which light intensity for red reflex and main illumination can be independently adjusted in response to each particular case and surgeon’s preference. With a broad line-up of options, including a wide-angle fundus observation adapter, with a fundus observation device attached the OM-19 can also be used for retina and vitreous surgery.

Key Features

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Independent illumination systems

Applications for retina and vitreous surgery

Tiltable binocular tubes

Rotatable coaxial stereoscopic assistant microscope

Digital imaging accessories

Monitor arm and Camera control rack

Adoption of new optics

Foot controller



System Chart and Accessories

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